CN MAG-M API685 2nd ed. OH2

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

  • Flow rate: up to 4000 mc / h.
  • Heads up to 220 m.
  • Temperature range: -120° C to + 350° C without external cooling

Technical Features

The maximum permissible working pressure for the standard version is 50 bar and 150 bar for the HP version. On request, versions for higher pressures and temperatures up to 450° C are available.

Horizontal magnetically driven centrifugal pumps with robust construction, designed to ensure efficient service for a long time and minimize downtime during maintenances. The absence of a dynamic seal eliminates the typical problems of the mechanical seal pumps, making the system safer and avoiding leakage of the pumped liquid. Their hermetic construction allows the pumping of aggressive fluids, making it suitable for the most popular applications of the petrochemical industry. Full compatibility with the API 685 standard guarantees high reliability at all stages of the process.


The CN MAG-M API magnetic traction pumps are designed to ensure maximum safety for people and plants. This is even more important when toxic, explosive liquids are proposed or can react further in contact with the atmosphere. For all services the rear body replaces the single or double mechanical seal and the respective control devices. CN MAG-M API pumps therefore offer exceptional benefits in all fields of the petrochemical industry.


CN MAG-M API pumps have no holdings of any kind. The hermetic construction ensures safe operation and no leakage.


CN MAG-M API pumps are single-stage with closed impellers. Back-pull-out construction with axial suction and discharge upwards. Support feet are generously sized. All geometry and mechanical rectangles are in accordance with API 685. The range of materials is very wide as well as the variety of models.

Advantages of CN MAG-M API pumps

  • No leakage
  • No mechanical seal
  • No flushing from the outside
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Increased MTBF


CN MAG-M API pumps can be supplied with ATEX II - / 2 G cbk II C Tx certified according to Directive 94/9 / EC for installation in explosive atmospheres.


Since the internal circulation of the suction delivery fluid does not raise the temperature of the pumped liquid, condensate pumping is possible without increasing the available NPSH.

Balanced axial loads Axial

thrusts of the closed impellers are balanced by the rear counterfoil.

The residual forces acting in the direction of the delivery are supported by thrust rings in spring loaded SiCs. Non-slip parts are painted with epoxy base and acrylic finish both water-based, with full respect for the environment. The pump body and impeller are obtained by wax casting in CF8M. This process makes it possible to obtain high quality components with high precision and reproducibility of the profiles, keeping very small overlays, in favor of simple machining done with CN machines, all to give a product of the highest quality while keeping prices competitive .

Additional available materials:

  • Hastelloy®C276
  • Incoloy®825
  • Duplex
  • Other materials on request

Generously sized silicon carbide supports (SSiC) guarantee high resistance to wear, impact and temperature; are mounted on special springs, which allow it to work even under the toughest conditions (very high and very low temperatures, transients, etc.), compensating for the different dimensional variations of the different materials involved.

Also available is the tungsten carbide version on Carbon, with the ability to ride dry. As for the support Axial, also the thrush pad is available in different versions, to meet the most diverse needs:

  • Alpha-grade silicon carbide (SSiC)
  • Tungsten Carbide (WC)


allows quick maintenance and low-end operation thanks to the internal cartridge that can be quickly replaced.

Static and dynamically balanced closed-loop impeller. The axial thrusts are balanced by the rear counterbalancing.

This makes it perfect balancing regardless of suction pressure.The high performance, single-piece welded body with the ellipsoidal profile bottom shape is designed to prevent dangerous stress concentrations in the material.Available versions: Standard Hastelloyd® 276, or Hybrid Rear Casing, which assures up to 90% of decrease in magnetic losses. Titanium alloys are used in special constructions.

Double glass on request, with leakage monitoring.

Powerful synchronous magnetic joints, assembled without the use of adhesives or resins, are designed and dimensioned by our Technical Office, adapting them to the specific requirements of these pumps.

The special construction of the internal magnet, made using rare earth magnetic elements, provides the best isolation of the magnet body from the support, while ensuring the elastic assembly of the latter and ensuring its operation even in the presence of significant temperature variations. The materials are designed to work at temperatures up to 662 ° F (350 ° C) without cooling. Transmission power over 500kW.

The particular design of the bearing support allows insertion secondary holding or loss control, in accordance with the latest edition of the API 685 standard.

The static seal is made of flat gaskets, available in different materials, to meet the most diverse requirements:

  • Asbestos free (standard)
  • PTFE
  • Armed graphics
  • GYLON®
  • Spirometallic
  • Other available on request


All CN MAG-M API pumps are equipped with Attacks for Devices Detecting Devices temperature, level of liquid and vibration.

Internal circulation

The heat generated between the rear body and the inner magnet is dissipated by an efficient internal flush circuit, which starts from the pump and reaches the impeller centrifuge, crossing the area affected by the field magnetic and cooling it effitively.


Double support

On the shaft there are 2 tree linings in SiC; the rotary unit is supported by two bushings also in SiC, all generously dimensioned and perfectly aligned.

Sulfonated silicon carbide grade (a-grade SSiC) is highly resistant to corrosion and wear. All SiC components are mounted using elastic rings to compensate for expansion due to possible thermal excursions up to 350 ° C without heat exchanger.

Special version

For special applications such as low viscosity liquids and liquid particles with solid particles, a special version with internal mechanical seal is available to separate the process fluid from the rest.

The lubrication of the support and the heat export are borne by an external fluid that is flushed through a dedicated circuit.

Adding a heat exchanger the pump can also work up to 450 ° C.

Versions with heating or cooling coats are also available, for pump body, and support.

Magnetic drag to allow pumping of liquids that may crystallize or take incompatible viscosities at startup