CN MAG-MV API685 2nd ed. OH5

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Coupling with the motor is elastic. The engines used are type V1. Flanged connections are available according to DIN PN16-40 and ANSI B16.5 150 and 300 lbs. Construction OH5.

Technical Features


  • Flanges for ANSI B16.5 150 and 300 lbs, DIN PN 16/40

Magnetic, vertical metal centrifugal pumps, designed to ensure efficient service for a long time and to minimize downtime during maintenances. Their hermetic construction allows to pump aggressive liquids, making them suitable for the most common applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries.

Stand design according to customer requirements, stainless steel, carbon steel, and other available materials.

Non-slip parts are painted with epoxy base and acrylic finish both water-based for maximum resistance under the harshest conditions, with full respect for the environment.


With simple construction, it allows quick maintenance and low-end installation thanks to the internal cartridge that can be quickly replaced.

Perfect balance of axial thrusts with counterbalancing, allows balance of thrusts regardless of suction pressure.

The pump body and impeller in CF8M or WCB, produced with high quality materials.

Other materials:

  • Hastelloy® C276,
  • Incoloy® 825,
  • Duplex,
  • Other available on request.

The static seal is made of flat gaskets, available in different materials, to meet the most diverse needs:

  • Asbestos free (standard)
  • PTFE
  • Armed graphics
  • GYLON®
  • Spirometallic
  • Other available on request.

The high-performance, single-piece welded body with the ellipsoidal profile bottom shape is designed to prevent dangerous concentrations of tensions in the material.

Available in several versions: Hastelloy® C276 or Hybrid for pressures up to 50 bar, alloy of titanium for higher pressures.

Powerful magnetic joints, assembled without the use of adhesives or resins, are designed and dimensioned by our Technical Office for the specific needs of these pumps and guarantee the best performance. The special construction of the internal magnet, made using rare earth magnetic elements, provides the best isolation of the magnet body from the support, while ensuring the elastic assembly of the latter and ensuring its best operation even in the presence of significant variations in temperature.

Generously sized silicon carbide supports (SSiC) guarantee a high resistance to wear.

They are mounted on special springs that allow it to work even under the toughest conditions (very high and very low temperatures, transients, etc.) by compensating for the different dimensional variations of the various materials involved.

Available in tungsten carbide on Special Carbon with dry drive and PEEK or PFA compound bushings, for those applications where Special Carbon can not be used, or where Cavitation Transients could compromise the integrity of the machine.