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Variable Frequency Drive Family

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You wouldn’t drive your car with the gas pedal floored, using the brake to control your speed; however, many pump users use the exact same approach to control their pumps. The solution? Variable Frequency Control of AC induction motors provides an economical and operationally effective solution for speed control and reduced power consumption. VFDs can be made responsive to signals from many sources, such as flow sensors, pressure sensors, programmable controllers, etc. AC motor controls will enhance your process efficiency and profitability.

D700 Series

Low Cost Sub-Micro VFD

  • Digital setting dial with integrated display, making configuration fast and easy
  • Control remotely or with built-in digital control
  • Low cost and Mitsubishi Electric quality ensure solid solutions
  • Magnetic Flux Vector Control with auto-tuning
  • Safety stop function

E560 Series

The cost-effective variable speed control solution for general purpose applications.

  • Magnetic Flux Vector Control
  • Auto-tuning
  • Selectable cooling fan operation mode
  • Adjustable carrier frequency (0.7kHz to 14.5kHz)
  • Compatible with FR-PU04 user interface
  • UL & cUL listed / CE marked

E700 Series

'Big Drive' Vector Control Capability in a micro drive - delivering outstanding performance for a wide range of demanding loads.

  • Advanced Magnetic Flux Vector Control gives 120:1 speed range
  • All capacities have built-in brake chopper
  • USB communications for fast commissioning
  • Standard RS 485 serial communications supporting Modbus RTU
  • Supports Remote I/O function via network
  • 200% Overload for 3 seconds

F700 Series

Built to optimize 3-phase motor control, saving energy for virtually all general purpose applications.

  • UL Type 1, plenum rated, enclosure designs (NEMA 1)
  • Built-in EMC filter
  • FR-DU07 programming dial and FR-Configurator programming software
  • Bi-directional coasting motor restart
  • RS-485 communications as standard (Modbus RTU or Mitsubishi Electric)
  • Upgrade of energy optimization control
  • Control terminals can be used over a network as remote I/O
  • FR-PU07BB-L keypad programs the drive without powering up
  • UL listed for single phase input

A700 Series

Advanced performance makes it possible to support a wide range of variable speed applications from conveyance and chemical machines to line control applications such as winding and printing machines. Improved flexibility allows users to tailor their VFD to meet their application requirements

  • Real Sensorless Vector (RSV) Control achieves 200% torque at speeds as low as 0.3Hz
  • Built-in PLC function allows users to create customized applications
  • Positioning Control as standard allows simple moves from position to position
  • Sensorless Torque Control can be utilized for wind/unwind applications
  • Two RS-485 serial ports and one USB port make connectivity flexible
  • FR-PU07BB-L keypad programs the drive without main power
  • UL listed for single phase input