Benefits of Using a Power Monitor to Protect Centrifugal Process Pumps

All centrifugal pumps will fail if they are run dry. One of the most cost-effective ways to prevent this from happening is a simple, inexpensive POWER MONITOR.

How Does a Power Monitor Work?

A power monitor detects low electric power draw caused by loss of flow to the suction or discharge of the pump and immediately shuts the pump down before any serious damage can occur. Power monitors are also set to shut pumps down if they detect high power draw which can be caused by running the pump too far to the right of the best efficiency point or by metal-to-metal contact of some kind inside the pump. 

When Should I use a Power Monitor?

When determining if one should install a POWER MONITOR it is important to consider the equipment cost, service criticality, and operating conditions. Protecting an expensive magnetic drive pump, canned motor pump or double mechanical seal centrifugal pump with an inexpensive and simple technology such as a POWER MONITOR is easy to justify.

Justifying the Cost of a Power Monitor

A properly sized centrifugal pump in the right application should give you efficient service for many years without maintenance beyond routine oil changes. However, in the real world, if the pump is not properly protected, dry running during upset conditions, which can be caused by a myriad of possible process problems, will inevitably cause serious damage and shorten the life of the pump. A typical power monitor costs approximately $750, so it will pay for itself several times over the first time it shuts a pump down and avoids an expensive failure.

Numerous studies have shown that the initial cost of a centrifugal pump is typically just 10% of the total lifetime cost of ownership; maintenance, spare parts and downtime account for an additional 30%-40% of the lifetime cost of operating the pump. In light of this, it’s a “no-brainer” to invest in a POWER MONITOR which costs just a fraction of the price of the typical process pump.

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