Corrosion Resistant Baseplates

Magnachem™ Baseplates

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Magnatex Pumps, Inc. offers a new line of cast, quartz Ceramic Baseplates for long service life and perfect alignment every time. Every long coupled Magnatex Pump is laser aligned before it leaves the factory to ensure ease of realignment at the job site.

Compared to fabricated steel baseplates, Magnachem™ Baseplates:

  • Are flat to within .002”/ft, which ensures perfect pump and motor alignment, every time.
  • Feature completely rigid quartz ceramic cast construction, which eliminates flexing, twisting and misalignment issues common to fabricated steel baseplates.
  • Provide a broad range of chemical resistance, which eliminates corrosion issues common to steel baseplates.
  • Lower lifetime cost of ownership than steel baseplates.

Magnachem™ Baseplates include:

  • Center grout hole for easy installation.
  • Catch basin with a threaded drain connection located under the pump stuffing box/seal chamber area to safely transfer any leakage.
  • Tapped through holes in each corner of the baseplate to facilitate baseplate leveling.
  • Heavy duty, 316SS, tapped inserts for mounting pump, motor and coupling guard.