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Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pumps

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ISO 9001: Registered

Magnatex magnetic drive pumps are the efficient and dependable choice for medium-flow, medium to high head applications. Pumps' process side conforms to ANSI B73.3 dimensions. Magnatex pumps feature sub-ANSI sizes for efficient lower flow applications. Affordable, top-performing Magnatex pumps give you higher efficiency with lower horsepower and lower total cost of ownership.

(Mag Drive) MAXP Series

Max Flow: 2000 GPM

Max Head: 470 Feet

(Mag Drive) MPL Series

Max Flow: 340 GPM

Max Head: 400 Feet

(Mag Drive) MP Series

Max Flow: 150 GPM

Max Head: 190 Feet

(Mag Drive) MHL Series

Max Flow: 300 GPM

Max Head: 400 Feet

(Mag Drive) MPT Series

Max Flow: 40 GPM

Max Head: 440 Feet

(Mag Drive) MMP Series

Max Flow: 20 GPM

Max Head: 95 Feet

(Mag Drive) MEP Series

Max Flow: 108 GPM

Max Head: 103 Feet

(Mag Drive) MTA Series

Max Flow: 1,000 GPM

Max Head: 285 Feet

(Mag Drive) ME Series

Max Flow: 90 GPM

Max Head: 140 Feet