Specialty Pumps

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ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Close-coupled drivers are conventional drivers mounted directly to pumps frame. No base, coupling or guards are required for this mounting style.

Pump construction


  • Flanges API Tp 6BX - Ring Joint.
  • Other on request.

Operating limits

  • Max viscosity 200 cSt
  • Max system pressure 1500 bar
  • Flow up to 12 mc/h
  • Head up to 164 m
  • Temperature range: from -185 °F (-120°C) to +662 °F (+350 °C)
  • Electric motors: from 0,55 up to 30 kW
  • Available ATEX II - / 2G cbk II C T2- T5

Horizontal, sealless peripheral pump for extreme pressure with permanent magnet drive system, no mechanical seal. The separation of liquid chamber/ atmosphere by means of an isolation shell is the best solution to pump aggressive, explosive and toxic liquids, hydrocarbons, heat transfer liquids and liquids difficult to seal. The hermetic sealless is the best solution for the chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industry. A wide range of pumps covers the different performances. Low flow and high heads are the main characteristics of this pump design.

Epoxy primer and poly-acrylic enamel water-based painting for the best quality resistance linked to the environmental respect.

Particular design of the hydraulic, with self balancing impeller to improve the the wear ring life.

Stainless Steel high thickness machined from solid bar pump casing & CF8M high quality casting impeller.

Other materials:

  • Hastelloy ®C276,
  • Incoloy®825,
  • Duplex,
  • Titanium Alloy
  • Others available on request.

RWP QUICK CHANGE CARTRIDGE KIT to guarantee an easy and fast maintenance.

The sealing system with o-ring prevents product from leaking in the atmosphere.

Different materials available:

  • Hastelloy® C276,
  • Incoloy® 825,
  • Duplex,
  • Titanium Alloy
  • Others available on request.

The rear shell is made of one single piece, no welding, Titanium Alloy shell material - providing a safe and efficient solution -System pressure max 1500 bar.

High power synchronous magnetic coupling designed by our technical office and with rare earth magnetic elements mechanically locked. The high performance magnets can be operated at liquid temperatures of up to 662°F (350 °C) without external cooling.

Field assembling of the product lubricated bearing arrangement does not require special tools. The bearing materials are available in four different types to provide the best solution for each application: Silicon Carbide (SSIC), Tungsten Carbide (TC), Carbon to allow a dry running situation and PTFEC/G for any applications where the Carbon cannot be used. The adoption of elastic rings reduces the sleeve bearing loads and the thrust bearing loads to the minimum, to guarantee many years of maintenance-free operation.