Hollow Disc Pumps

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ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Operating limits

  • Max viscosity: over 10,000 centistokes
  • Max system pressure: 232 psi. Higher pressure on request
  • Max Power: 50HP
  • Threaded BSP or NPT, ANSI, DIN
  • Flow up: to 200GPM
  • Head up: to 267 PSI
  • Temperature range: -58°F (-50°C) to 392°F (200°C)
  • Electric motors: 1HP to 50HP
  • Available Atex II
  • Materials of Construction:
    316 Stainless Steel
    Duplex Stainless Steel
    Hastelloy® C 276
    lncoloy® 825
    Others available upon request.

Positive displacement hollow disc magnetic drive pumps feature self-priming capability, reversible flow and low speed rotation. The low speed rotation together with a new high efficiency magnetic coupling design with reduced hysteresis losses, results in installed horsepower requirements almost identical to conventional hollow disc pumps with mechanical seals.

Hollow disc pumps are the ideal solution for pumping: oil products, paints, glues, resins, molasses, solvents, soaps, coal tar, adhesives, food oils, chocolate, glucose, food products, creams, detergents, corrosive liquids.

The pumps can be supplied with an optional by pass valve to protect the pump and system from over pressurization.

Standard construction is ductile cast iron with 316 ss internal components. Precision machining assures volumetric efficiency as well as maximum repeatability and reliability.

The hollow disc positive displacement pump is designed for viscous liquids. The gentle pumping action is silent, gentle and therefore excellent for shear sensitive materials.

The rear casing shell is manufactured from a single piece of 316 ss with no welds.

Mechanically locked synchronous inner and outer magnet assemblies utilize high power rare earth magnet segments engineered for liquid temperatures up to 392°F (200°C) without external cooling.

Heavy duty metallized carbon shaft bushings are sized for high loads and the shaft is tungsten carbide coated in the bushing areas to prevent wear. Other bushing/bearing combinations and materials are available depending on the application.